About Us

We’re FAST, we get in, get the job done right and get out quickly!

We have come from doing ground works that other companies didn’t really want to do because the jobs were too small, to urgent, or too hard to access. We didn’t over commit but we delivered on what we said we would and now we have multiple machines and have done loads of different projects all over the Taranaki region and Whanganui city.

We’ve got good modern gear that ensures we can get the job done! We really thrive on Jobs like:

  • General earthworks and excavations
  • Commercial site prep, stormwater, and floor pads (everything from the floor pad down)
  • New residential and commercial subdivisions
  • New driveway crossings
  • Site prep and floor pad prep for new residential dwellings
  • Farm effluent systems, civil construction, and track work
  • Water retention ponds

Our promise is ‘Your project delivered on time or its free’. While there are a couple of factors outside this promise* we do everything in our power to deliver on time and in spec! Our projects however big or small are projects that we’re proud to put our name to.

You can contact us via email [email protected] or 0800 314 437

To view some of the work that we have done you can view the ‘Our Projects’ or visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ExcavatLtd

(*To deliver our promise, we are dependent on clear precise mapping of any services on the site and weather conditions. Should these factors contribute to a delay our promise will not be applicable)

Our fine print – https://excavat.co.nz/our-fine-print/